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Globalwarming Awareness2007

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the results

What's going on ?

Well, I just tested the SEO contest "globalwarming awareness2007", just to see where this page could rank.
And finally, this page doesn't rank at all (for now) :p

But the french page (../../globalwarming-awareness2007.html, the main page in fact, from now on it will redirect here) did it better ; if I'm not mistaken (I trust my memory) :

It's not really good, but I think it's not too bad since :


And what about globalwarming awareness2007 now ?

Well, like you see, I made a redirection from the french page ( to this one (, and I did not link the old URL on anymore.

In fact, this is now the second phase of the contest (aka "the serious things" ?) - the contest is running from January 15th, 2007 to May 1st, 2007 -, so this is the end for me : I did my little experiment, it was cool, I've learnt a few SEO tricks, well it's ok :).

Link me beautiful

And now it's time for THE LINKS ("fire"). So here are some cool globalwarming awareness2007-related websites. If you want YOUR page/website within this f*cking good list, and you are part of the FrenchTaskForce, simply ask me (as long as you think you have a chance to win the contest ; I mean, I don't want to link pages like mine :p).

Also, if you are a nice guy (or, er, better, a nice girl :d), I probably want to make a 301 redirection to your uber-cool website during the final countdown : don't mind to ask, really, the sooner the better.

In no particular order :


Everything goes at (mail/jabber/gtalk/msn/yim/coffee).


Sorry for the bad english :o)

Sorry for the "fast-done-ugly-html-texteditor&hand powered-shit", I don't know if this page validate something (probably not :d), and I really don't mind :D.

a little bit more globalwarming awareness2007

Globalwarming Awareness2007 is a contest 2007 blabla worlds climate are shifting this earth should have awareness off. Globalwarming has to been taken seriously, it's a fact yes consequences governments should act together and actions against this globalwarming threat awareness2007, I don't know what to say, ripping content about globalwarming awareness2007 is cool.

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